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Established in 1996, Martec Web Design Ireland are leading Irish web designers based in Galway, Ireland delivering a comprehensive range of services; Website Design, Content Management Systems, Ecommerce Solutions, Logo Design and Internet Marketing, all at affordable prices.

Services offered:

Web Design

Is your Website outdated or not generating business? Discover how to transform your on-line presence and use new marketing strategies to attract more clients and boost sales. Visit our web design portfolio to see a small selection of the websites we have designed. We know what we’re doing and we’re here to help…so get in touch…[See Examples]


Looking to set up an E-commerce site to sell on-line? Most e-commerce solutions are expensive, complicated, unfriendly and most of the time don’t work properly. Many people purchase an e-commerce website without any real understanding on what sort of return to expect for your website investment spend. The consequences of getting this wrong can be disastrous and end up costing you twice as much for a website that should be created right the first time!Let us help you to get it right first time, with proven, user-friendly, affordable solutions that makes selling on-line easy and profitable…[See Examples]

Logo Design

Is your company logo dated or just looks unprofessional? A targeted, attractive brand design that customers will admire and trust will set you apart from your competition and help you to get more customers and boost your sales. Visit our Logo Design portfolio to view a small selection of the logos we have designed…[See Examples]

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, is also known as web marketing, online marketing or e-marketing refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and e-mail to drive direct sales via e-commerce as well as sales leads from Web sites or emails. Internet Marketing can be a complex process and should start when building your website so that it is Search Engine Friendly. Internet Marketing is also an ongoing process done via Search Engines, back-link building, e-mail marketing, Pay Per Click marketing, banner advertising and via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube…[See Examples]


Website Features

Our websites can be provided with a range of options, such as:


If you’re looking for a great way to promote your news and company information, give advice and support or provide reviews of your products or services then a blog is a fantastic addition to your website. Martec Web Design Ireland can add a blog to your website. Blogs are easy to manage and tend to do very well in the search engines so your website will be found by your potential clients…[See Examples]

Booking Engine

A booking engine can be integrated with your website to take bookings on-line. They are useful for hotel or accommodation bookings, travel or tour passengers, conference attendees, students for courses, clients for training or treatments or just about anywhere you needs to organise your dates with your customers. It can be a simple booking form or a more complex booking solution…[See Examples]

Bilingual Website

If you need a multilingual or bilingual website we can help. Martec Web Design Ireland have easy to use tools that allow you to translate all aspects of your website, blog or ecommerce solution…[See Examples]

Content Management System

A Content Management System or CMS allows you to manage your website yourself. You get a back end login area and with this you can add and edit your website’s pages, edit your menu, add links, images, videos, documents, etc. Some CMS systems can be very difficult to use so it is important to get a user-friendly CMS like ours with lots of functionality so managing your website is fun rather than a burden that you avoid…[See Examples]

Custom Form Builder

A Custom Form Builder is a tool that is provided in your website back end where you can create and manage your own forms. It is a great option to allow you to build your own contact forms, surveys, email sign-ups, booking forms, job application forms or whatever type of form you need for your business. Martec Website Design Ireland can even create custom built order forms with on-line payment facilities if you need them…[See Examples]

Custom Website Development

Custom Website Development is a process whereby we can create a unique solution suited to your exact needs. Examples could include a property management system for an auctioneer or real estate agent or a recruitment solution for a job agency. Have a look at the Martec Web Design Ireland custom website solutions portfolio for more examples…[See Examples]

Domain Name Registration

Registering a Domain Name can be complicated and prone to error. We can register your domain name for you and help you to select a domain that will help your search engine rankings like we have done for many of our clients. Martec Web Design Ireland can connect your domain to your website hosting and set up your email so you are using your domain name in your email addresses. We can also map multiple domains to your site correctly so they do not cause issues with your SEO efforts…[See Examples]

Ecommerce Functionality

If you are looking to sell your products or services on-line then you’ll need to ecommerce functionality to make that happen. This can be a simple order form with a PayPal button, or a more complex booking form which calculates the total cost and then takes payment securely through a payment gateway. Martec Web Design Ireland also provide full Ecommerce solutions for customers looking to set up a full online store…[See Examples]

Ecommerce Solution

An Ecommerce Solution is an on-line software platform designed to allow business owners to sell their products over the Internet to a global marketplace with very little effort. Our solution provides everything you’ll need such as unlimited products and categories, CMS, stock control, cross selling, customer account management, VAT, multi-currency, shipping options, help-desk, Search Engine Optimisation, Online Payments, Multilingual, Analytics and Reporting and lots more…[See Examples]

Flash Animation

Flash Animation is used to make a website appear more dynamic. It uses vector based animation software to create various animated effects. It is losing favour these days as it does require a plug-in on your PC to view it, it is not indexed by search engines and does not work on the Apple iphone or ipad, however Martec Website Design Ireland can combine it with other more accessible animated solutions to bring your website to life…[See Examples]

Image Gallery

An Image Gallery is a facility made available via the back end login area of your website where you can create photo galleries to display your images. It is used very effectively to display images such as product images, property photographs, etc. Our solution has a facility to place unlimited galleries on any page of your site and fully mange the image upload and thumbnail creation process…[See Examples]

Image Slider

An Image slider or photo sideshow is a tool made available in your website back end login area where you can manage and display an attractive sideshow of images or banners. It is usually used on the home page to grab the visitor’s attention but it can also be used in internal pages to rotate through various images. Our solution can be tailored to the exact needs of the site and can incorporate text and be connected to the blog posts on your site…[See Examples]

Members Area

A Members Area is a password protected section of a website that can be set up to allow certain individuals such as customers, staff or agents to have access to a private area of your site. Typical usages of a member’s area would be to store and share non-public information such as price lists, product brochures or to create a private forum where approved users can share information…[See Examples]

Online Payment System

An Online Payment System is a solution to allow site owners to take payments from customers securely over the Internet. It is typically used in conjunction with a booking form or shopping cart but can also be used to allow customers to make payments for off-line purchases instead of a cheque or bank transfer. Typically payments are made via a third party payment gateway such as Realex (Irish Company) or PayPal for added security and thus a processing fee and or monthly fees may be payable for the service…[See Examples]


A Portfolio is an addition to your website to allow you to showcase certain projects, products, artworks, photographs, etc. It is a great tool for construction companies to show off the properties they have built or for sign companies to show the signs they have designed. It generally consists of a set of categories (e.g. Industrial, Commercial, Residential) into which the projects are grouped. The projects themselves can be shown as a gallery or list and then a more detailed page with further information or more galleries can be show…[See Examples]

Product Catalogue

A product catalogue is an automated system that allows you to specify product information on your website and have that information display consistently in a categorised format on your website. If you are looking to reduce your printing costs and provide customers with access to up-to-date product information, the Martec Web Design Ireland product catalogue is the perfect solution for your business…[See Examples]

Property Management System

A Property Management System is a web-based solution that can be integrated with your website. It is suitable for real estate agents or property management companies who want to manage properties or lettings and have that information display consistently in a categorised format on your website. It can include information such as property details, a Google map, image galleries, etc. A great time saver…[See Examples]

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of getting a website to work better in order to get free or organic visitors from Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. SEO will help your website to rank higher on search engines than your competition for your targeted keywords, so you come up first. It involves optimising your website pages and coding to ensure compliance with major search engines, so your site will be correctly indexed and to prevent your site from being banned by Search Engines like Google…[See Examples]

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration is the act of spreading your brand across the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. Social media integration involves interacting with and engaging your audience by posting interesting content, giving feedback and by building relationships. Social media integration will not only benefit your company’s marketing and branding efforts, but it can also help your SEO.  Martec Website Design Ireland can add tools to your web site to allow your content to be shared and posted on the various networks automatically as you maintain your blog…[See Examples]