Building Brands on the Web

Building Brands on the Web

Many companies are spending significant amounts of money to launch their business on the Internet but how many of these companies are taking the right approach when it comes to building a memorable, positive brand image that online consumers will be attracted to over the long haul?

The key issue is this: Branding in the online world is far more than just transferring your print brand identity to the Web. Yes, it includes a graphic design image, but your brand on the Internet is more largely affected by the interactive experience you provide your users.

Everybody knows that the web allows you to build one-to-one relationships with your customers. What is more important is the quality of those relationships. Your web site’s ability to engage your customers and facilitate an ongoing relationship with them is the real key to successful branding on the Web.

It may surprise you to learn that each time a customer visits your web site they’re undergoing a branding experience. In essence, your site is your brand, and everything they encounter there – from the site design and depth of products or services offered to their satisfaction with your online customer service and shipping policies – all positively or negatively impact your company or brand image.

Your visitor’s experience on your web site will form an impression of how you do business. In short, if it isn’t done correctly, it hurts a company’s ability to gain and retain business through this channel.

Martec can assist you in aligning your web site with the promise that your brand stands for. To do this we take a lot of time to determine up-front what the objective of the site is and what your visitor is looking for when they decide to come to your site. We then create an experience that fulfils that user’s expectations to the letter.

Talk to us about your current web site and we’ll show you (at no cost) how to enhance your customer experience, fulfil your brand promise and win more business.

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David Martin

David Martin, is the owner of Martec Web Design Galway, Ireland. Developing successful web sites for Irish companies since 1996. My passion is to help business owners to realise the potential of their ideas. To attract great clients consistently, with less stress and more success. If you need help with the Internet, I would love to hear from you so please get in touch.   At Martec Web Design Galway Ireland, we are in the business of making your website work as hard as it possibly can for you, which is why we take the time to understand what makes you tick and, more importantly, what makes your customers buy from you.   Galway Web Design by Martec Web Design Galway