6 Steps to Get More Leads from Your Website

6 Steps to Get More Leads from Your Website

Looking to generate more leads? An effective website should be the hub of all your online marketing & lead generation activities.

Your goal should be to drive traffic to an attractive and informative website, convert interested visitors into leads and in turn (and in time) turn those leads into paying customers.

Here is the process you should follow:

Develop a marketing strategy

Define your overall goals and determine what you do best. Target your ideal customer and identify their buying habits and establish a marketing strategy to attract these customers.

Create & maintain a powerful website

An effective and professional website is the core ingredient of successful marketing and lead generation.You need to write great content for your website. It needs to demonstrate easily what you do and how you can help and it should position your company as the “go to” organisation. Key elements are: Great design, powerful CMS, up to date blog full of great content and be mobile ready.

Generate more traffic

You can have a great website but unless you get visitors then you won’t be able to convert those visitors to leads. The old ways of advertising to generate clients are not working and the new methods of blogging, using social media and time saving social media tools, optimising your site for SEO and using PPC are now what are working.

Convert traffic to leads

In order for you to build relationships with your potential customers you need to convert visitors into leads. By helping visitors to understand how best you can help them they will be more likely to trust you and provide their contact details to avail of your offers when they are compelled by your strong call to action.

Convert leads into sales

By fully understanding and analysing your lead sources, and by segmenting and communicating with them on a regular basis, your leads will eventually need your products or services and that is when they will convert to a sale. You will use tools like dynamic forms, email marketing and CRM Solutions to manage this process.

Measure everything

Keeping analytics over the process can be the hardest part, but if you have properly identified your goals in step 1 you will know what to measure.

Looking for more Leads & Sales?

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